Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lissie and Amanda's Photo Shoot!

      Hey, everyone! Today Megan and I (yes, this is Maddie typing at the moment) took out Lissie and Amanda for a photo shoot. I think they turned out really nice!

      We have lots more, but we'll save those for another day =) now I'll let Megan talk:

      Let us knew if you like their outfits. Special thanks to Maddie who made one of them for me : D We hope you enjoy the photos we had a lot of fun taking them!

~Megan and Maddie


  1. You guys took such amazing pictures! I love their outfits! :)

  2. Love the pictures! I love the name Amanda, BTW.

    -Cassie ^.^

  3. Thank you! We are glad you like them ; D


  4. Fabulous pictures! I love their outfits so much! Great job making them, Maddie!

    ~ Mint

    1. (Sorry in advance for not replying as Megan and Maddie, just Maddie, I'm too lazy to log out and then sign back in with our other email) Thank you so much! Aww, thanks Mint, it means a lot coming from a wonderful seamstress such as yourself ;)


  5. Wonderful pictures, Amanda is such a pretty doll and I love her name! :)
    Great job on the outfit Maddie! :)

  6. Aww, thanks so much! I appreciate it! : )