Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nice Fall Day!

Hey there! It's Megan here with a new photo shoot I did today. These photos are pretty bad but I wanted to post something. Amanda was not photogenic at all XD. If you wondering about the outfits Maddie and I sewed matching dresses her top was blue mine was purple. Mines not perfect because it was the first thing I've ever sewn! Anyway I hope you like them!; )


I loved this hairstyle!!! 

(Heres a bonus picture of my dog)
  Anyway hoped you like them see ya soon! <3


  1. ...and you're calling these photos bad?! These are amazing! I love the bokeh you got on the second photo! Also, her hair is fab with that style! Aww, your dog is the cutest!!!

    ~ Mint

    1. Thanks so much Mint!!! You are so kind <3


  2. Aw, Megan, these are beautiful! I love the second and third to last the best, plus the adorable one of Zoey ♥ Amanda's hair is super cute, too! =D


  3. Amanda's not photogenic?! Puh-lease, this pictures are gorgeous!!!! =D
    I especially love the 2nd and 9th pictures!!!
    And oh gosh, your dog is just too cute! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!! You and Maddie are too hard on yourselves, you both take amazing photos!!! That is the first thing you've ever sewn!?!? It looks great!! I can tell you that the first nine-square patchwork thing I made at about age six is far worse than those clothes you made, they're great!!

  5. Love the pictures, Megan! My favorite one is the second to last one. You're dog is adorable! :)

    -Cassie ^.^