Friday, December 26, 2014

AG Christmas Haul....

Hey lovely people!  What's up? I'm here today with a Christmas haul of the AG stuff I got. I will tell you what I  got from AG. I hope you don't think I'm greedy or spoiled I am not trying to come across that way! ; ) I am thankful for everything I got and love it all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and let's get started!

Christmas AG Haul

~Happy Holiday Dress

~Fair Isle PJ'S

~Western Plaid Dress

~Springfield Brand Pink Shoes 

~Springfield Brand Black Shoes

~Springfield Brand Cheetah Print Outfit 

~Springfield Brand Pink Star Outfit

~Springfield Brand Closet And Shoe Rack For Closet 


And.......................................................... #61!!!!!!!!

I named her Autumn! This is just a photo shoot I did with her today with Maddie and her new doll Emerson! 

I hope you enjoyed this! If you want to know more about Autumn I will have her bio on my meet my doll page soon! Bye guys!



  1. Gorgeous pics! Autumn is adorable.
    Can't wait for her bio!
    - Zoë

    1. Thank you so much! I'm working on her bio now ; )


  2. Stunning photos! I am looking forward to seeing more with Autumn!! :D

    ~ Mint

  3. Wow what spectacular photos! Autumn is such a lovely name and doll! I'm glad you had a great christmas! Can't wait to see more photos!! :0

  4. Gorgeous photos, beautiful doll, how could this shoot get any better? Love it, Megan ♥ Emery says hi to Autumn ;)


  5. Thanks Maddie! Autumn says hi to Emery too : )


  6. I love number seven and number nine!! Autumn is a beautiful name for her. I think it really suits her!! Congrats on #61; she's a real beauty Megan!!

  7. Thanks! I love those dolls too <3


  8. Congrats on Autumn! That's a lovely name for her :)

  9. Congrats on all the new stuff! Autumn is gorgeous! :)