Sunday, March 1, 2015


hello there! it is i, the great and powerful maddie, who has decided to post after what seems like forever xD

so yesterday i took a bunch of photos of chrissa, but like none of them turned out nice so i'm stuck with three. whoops. oh well, these three i actually really like, so...*shrugs* i hope you do, too!

you can excpect more of me on here because i have finally motivated myself to post on here again (though i am very active on my personal blog) :) thanks for reading, and have an amazing day!



  1. I am IN LOVE with these photos, Maddie! The lighting and coloring are superb, and Chrissa looks 100% fantastic! :D

    - Ellie

  2. Chrissa looks totally fabulous! Only 3 photos? Pfft! doesn't matter they look super cool! :)

  3. Those are soo pretty! Chrissa looks adorable in that hat and I love the lighting! :)

  4. Hey Maddie! You have been nominated for the Good Friend Blogger Award here:

    Allie D.