Friday, April 17, 2015

I can't believe how long its been ; '(

Hello people I am back!! I know I haven't posted in like a month and I am really sorry I have been crazy busy with some stuff in school and with softball starting and ya know other things but whatever ; ) Any way I have a short little post to let you know I am indeed still alive and I wanted to say I have been thinking of putting a schedule for me so I can definatey make time for blogging about my wonderful dolls and other stuff so expect a post every week or every other week on the weekends. Saturday, Sunday or sometimes both. If I have time I will definatley try to add some bonus photos for you guys but enjoy these photos. These ones are from my new arranged doll room : ) Love you guys bye <3


Hope you like them. By the way APA is the first letter of each girls name xD!!!



  1. Haha I remember helping you with this! xD APA...hehe. ;) looking forward to more beautiful photos from you! :)


    1. Yeah thanks again for helping me<3 I dont think it would have turned out as nice as it did if i didnt have your help!!!; )


  2. I love your doll room - the pillow set up on the bed is super cool!

    - Ellie

  3. Cute! :)
    #Excited for new posts!

    Allie D.