Monday, June 29, 2015

Review Of Etsy Items

hey guys! so today i have the review of Etsy items from two shops which you will see later. sorry it is not the best quality it was hard for me to find a good spot to lay the clothes on. also i dont show how the outfits look on the dolls but that because it is cleaning\reorganizing week or day so the dolls are not the best right now. xD hope you like it though and let me know if you would buy these outfits yourself! if you have any Etsy shops you like please let me know i would love to check them out! :-)


This is one of my favorite etsy shops you should really check it out ; )
This is a really gorgeous teal and floral dress. It fits the dolls really well and is amazing quality. Im not a professional when it comes to knowing sewing skills because i cant sew to save my life but i really love this and you will be seeing in it a lot here on the blog! This has velcro in the back starting at the neck going down to wear the skirt part of the dress begins.

This is a white crop top with a dream catcher on it. I love how simple it is but its still so pretty to mix and match. To me the dream catcher is put on the shirt really well and seems to be an iron on. Overall everything about this piece is great! This has velcro to open the back to get it on your dolls.

The last thing is a simple black crop top. I really wanted one of these because i feel like you can do so much with it. Again it has great quality and the velcro which it has in the back is on very tight. Love this so much!<3

This is another one of my favorite shops that you should check out as well!

This is a pink crop top with a floral and teal skirt. As you can see i love floral and teal xD This is amazing quality and perfect for the summer! The crop top has velcro all the way down in the back and the skirt just has elastic at the top like a normal skirt. This will always be on my doll ; )
The last item is again perfect for summer! It is a plain white crop top with velcro in the back and an orangey colored skirt with white polka dots on it. It lays better on the dolls than the messy way i put it in the picture!xD Very good quality and a great outfit to add to my collection.

So sorry again for the terrible and pathetic quality of this. It was kinda rushed and dont worry if you want to see these outfits on the dolls trust me i will be doing a ton of photo shoots with them xD so sorry again and please let me know your favorite outfit below. Have a great day!<3


Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Post Will Be Monday

hi! i cant post this weekend to due visiting relatives and bad weather (no good lighting) so expect a review of items from etsy on monday.....see ya then!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Same But Also Different (A Photo Shoot)

Hey everybody so today i have a photo shoot that i did with Maddie. We both used our #61 and it was really cool to see that technically they are the same doll but they are so different too. Near the end i just have some photos of  Autumn by herself. Hope you like it!

~Megan <3
 i realized in almost all my photos that Autumn is not looking at the camera sorry....I still think it's cute xD

let me know which ones you liked the best!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Couple Things

hey lovely people of MeganandMaddieAG im here to tell you a couple things you should expect to see on this blog so here:

review of Etsy items
showing you 2-3 things ive sewn
maybe a lyric shoot if i find the perfect song
an updated doll room tour
an updated "meet megans doll"

thats all for now that i thought of for right now but i will have a post sunday for you!! see you then <3

~Megan xo

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thing I Dont Know What To Call (not really a rant...sorry)

this is in categories
*i am to lazy to type caps xD

this is kinda like a debate thing idk... it sorta what do you think. anyway lately with ag i havent been loving some of their cloths and other things because to me they seem guided to younger kids who love pink and sequence. i dont really like that as i get older know and take on a new purpose for liking dolls from when i was a kid. if you do happen to like the stuff from ag dont hate me for saying this we just have different opinions. but i would love to know what you think so let me know in the comments.

Does Anyone Know: so does anyone know if you can trade in a doll because peyton came with a default wig and she litterally has no hair in one large spot (i will post a picture sometime) and if you can trade in a doll does it have to be the same one? if i can i would trade in peyton for number 63 (i think it is) and name her Camry. not sure if thats how it would be spelled. so please let me know if you know if you don't know please ask anybody who you think might know... thanks xD

I had called it a rant in my other post because i had a lot more to say but i just dont think its the best to do or whatever but just to let you guys know who are reading this you may not know that i am super passionate about ag and my dollies i love them so much and i really do enjoy posting for you guys.  i really appreciate you positive feed back and wonderfulness(xD).Thank you. even if its just a couple people it means a lot to me just wanted to let you know that : ) have a great night!!!!
sorry for spelling errors and stuff again i am lazy xD

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sorry : (

hey, i know im suppose to have that rant tonight i wrote down what i wanted to say in my handy dandy notebook but im just not feeling that great to type it all. it will be up tomorrow i promise <3
hugs to all 


Doll Suggestions

Hi. Sorry for the short post on Amanda I kept it short because Im planning on posting a rant on here later today. Yeah everybodys excited for that xD But on this post I want to ask you what should the next doll I get be....... I have no clue but I really want something different. I need suggestions  so if you guys can plz help me... Thanks loves<3


Sunday, June 14, 2015

maddie's lazy *shrugs*

just a short little shoot if indie to make up for not posting here in ages. >.<

sorry bout that guys.

i'm gonna try to get a welcome home photo story up for my new doll that's in the mail when she comes (which should be wednesday or something), so that'll be something. :)

have a lovely day, mates!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Couple of Photos

To keep this short here are a couple of photos I took of Amanda :) Hope you like!

Amanda fell here (XD) and I thought of the quote "Falling down is part of life, Getting back up is living"
I have no idea who first started this quote but I love it so much!!!
Have a spectactular day