Sunday, June 14, 2015

maddie's lazy *shrugs*

just a short little shoot if indie to make up for not posting here in ages. >.<

sorry bout that guys.

i'm gonna try to get a welcome home photo story up for my new doll that's in the mail when she comes (which should be wednesday or something), so that'll be something. :)

have a lovely day, mates!



  1. Her hair is perfect!!!!!!!! Not a strand out of place!!!!!!!!!!!! And her outfit...
    Everything is just.... Just WOW!!!!!!!!
    Positively LOVE this post!
    Also, cant wait to see your new doll! :)

  2. Nice pics of Indie :) Also where did you get her dress? Is it homemade? It looks great :) And I love the new blog header >.<

    1. thanks! i made it. :)
      hehe, megan made it. :3


  3. She is gorgeous!!! I love her so much! Her dress is so pretty! :)