Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Same But Also Different (A Photo Shoot)

Hey everybody so today i have a photo shoot that i did with Maddie. We both used our #61 and it was really cool to see that technically they are the same doll but they are so different too. Near the end i just have some photos of  Autumn by herself. Hope you like it!

~Megan <3
 i realized in almost all my photos that Autumn is not looking at the camera sorry....I still think it's cute xD

let me know which ones you liked the best!!!


  1. I love the pictures, dear!!
    I love the last one of Autumn. <3

    1. Thanks Ginny! <3 That picture is one of my favorites too ; )


  2. Beautiful photos :0)
    I love the 3rd to last picture. She looks really cute there.
    - Zoë

  3. Wow they do look different but the same!! My brain is blown! Beautiful pics, lol i can't choose which one I like the best :D

  4. They are both really cute! Your photos are so pretty! :)