Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Doll!!!!

Hey guys! Exciting news I just got a new AG Doll! I went to the AG place in New York on Saturday sorry I didn't take any photos at the store it was a safety thing ; ) Anyway I got some outfits to so if you want to see what those are please comment below so I can see if you guys would like to see that! Anyway I know everybody says this but I'm not trying to brag or anything I just want to share this moment with  my favorite people : ) I purchased these items with  my own money which I have been saving for awhile Anyway make your guesses...................... I got.......................

# 41 <3

This was a shock for me because I planned going there and getting 44 I think it is (I'm so bad with the numbers) Her name is Liberty and I will be redoing all my doll profiles and she will be on there soon so you can get to know more about her : ) Sorry the photos are not the best these where taken in my house and it has the worst lighting ever, it was also later at night. She needs some work because AG packaged her so bad her hair was in a giant knot with the hairnet luckily Maddie was there and got it out! Her hair is bad in the pictures because it still hasn't settled from box hair xD Anyway I hope you like her and if you have any questions please ask me in the comments anyway enjoy the new addition to the family!!!!


20 pictures of the bag are fun xD See ya

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello ; )

hi everybody, i wanted to do a fun post this week that's related to summer because its Summer were i live <3 i also don't have a photo shoot because i just got back from vacation so i didn't get any pictures. it wasn't the type of vacation where i can just bring a doll and have time to sit and take pictures there was so much walking i swear i felt like my feet where falling off. it was so beautiful where i went though that i didn't want to leave it was so much different than i pictured but it was even better! there was so much to do and sooooo many places to do a photo shoot but i didn't go that long to have time to take pictures : ( its a pretty boring vacation for most people but i rarely go on trips so that's why it was so exciting to me! Also would you guys like to see some mini photo stories? I have some in mind : } Anyway i think that i will be getting some new dolls soon so make your guesses below on which ones i might get! i dont think i will be getting new dolls all at once but i think its time for some change don't ya think? Anyway hope you enjoy me answering these summer questions bye! ; D I think its called the I heart summer tag its meant for YouTube but i don't have a channel so oh well : |

I Heart Summer

1. Your dream summer vacation. Like a said up there I don't go on big trips i usually like day trips to cities but going to Italy would be nice
2. Favorite summer drink. Pink lemonade in a fancy glass xD 
3. S’mores or ice cream? S'mores..... i like to sit by the fire and relax
4. Pool or Beach? Beach ; ]
5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix? Id rather be outside to say i actually did something this summer but everyday i wind up watching Netflix 
6. Your most fun summer memory? Umm...Not sure the trip I just went on was pretty memorable. 
7. Favorite summer nail polish? I usually don't were nail polish unless I'm going on vacation and i guess i got pink last, so pink
8. Sunglasses or hats? Sunglasses just because i don't own any hats good for summer 
9. Favorite summer scent? Bath and Body Works Beautiful day; } 
10. Favorite BBQ food? Hamburger!
11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces? Tankinis definitely!!!!!
12. Summertime Book recommendations. Well....I'm not a big reader... i know,i know how dare you! Oh well I just don't read that much! 
Anyway If its summer where you live or you just want to answer these questions please feel free! See Ya <3
I feel like i have to make a note at the end of each post to apologize for any typos or mistakes just because im to lazy to go through and fix them xD

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Flower Child

Hey every body sorry i missed this weekends post i was sick and had some mouth surgery in the same week. That was the best week of my life (not) xD anyway im feeling better and im back now. So this photo shoot i did with Peyton actually the day i had the surgery (i snuck outside to take it xD but i wasn't aloud to post it) Anyway here it is now let me know what  you think!

btw im still doing the lyric shoot its just taking longer than i thought : )