Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello ; )

hi everybody, i wanted to do a fun post this week that's related to summer because its Summer were i live <3 i also don't have a photo shoot because i just got back from vacation so i didn't get any pictures. it wasn't the type of vacation where i can just bring a doll and have time to sit and take pictures there was so much walking i swear i felt like my feet where falling off. it was so beautiful where i went though that i didn't want to leave it was so much different than i pictured but it was even better! there was so much to do and sooooo many places to do a photo shoot but i didn't go that long to have time to take pictures : ( its a pretty boring vacation for most people but i rarely go on trips so that's why it was so exciting to me! Also would you guys like to see some mini photo stories? I have some in mind : } Anyway i think that i will be getting some new dolls soon so make your guesses below on which ones i might get! i dont think i will be getting new dolls all at once but i think its time for some change don't ya think? Anyway hope you enjoy me answering these summer questions bye! ; D I think its called the I heart summer tag its meant for YouTube but i don't have a channel so oh well : |

I Heart Summer

1. Your dream summer vacation. Like a said up there I don't go on big trips i usually like day trips to cities but going to Italy would be nice
2. Favorite summer drink. Pink lemonade in a fancy glass xD 
3. S’mores or ice cream? S'mores..... i like to sit by the fire and relax
4. Pool or Beach? Beach ; ]
5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix? Id rather be outside to say i actually did something this summer but everyday i wind up watching Netflix 
6. Your most fun summer memory? Umm...Not sure the trip I just went on was pretty memorable. 
7. Favorite summer nail polish? I usually don't were nail polish unless I'm going on vacation and i guess i got pink last, so pink
8. Sunglasses or hats? Sunglasses just because i don't own any hats good for summer 
9. Favorite summer scent? Bath and Body Works Beautiful day; } 
10. Favorite BBQ food? Hamburger!
11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces? Tankinis definitely!!!!!
12. Summertime Book recommendations. Well....I'm not a big reader... i know,i know how dare you! Oh well I just don't read that much! 
Anyway If its summer where you live or you just want to answer these questions please feel free! See Ya <3
I feel like i have to make a note at the end of each post to apologize for any typos or mistakes just because im to lazy to go through and fix them xD

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