Sunday, July 10, 2016

Two Friends Taking Photos of Their Dolls ; )

 Hi guys its Megan ;) Here are some photos that Maddie and I took together tonight. Maddie's new doll is so adorable I had to take a bunch of photos of her! Hope you like them <3 Also just a reminder if you guys want to see some more of our photography go check out our instagram page (meganandmaddieag) We'd really appreciate it :) Anyway thats all for now!

*yes she has a pink clip in extension in her hair*


  1. These photos are so lovely!! My favorite piece of clothing was definitely the blue floral skirt in the first set of photos!!! It so vibrant and beautiful!! 😍
    Lydia's Dolls

  2. Awe thanks so much Lydia! I love that skirt too. I'm pretty sure I got it from closet4chloe on etsy (since that's were a get pretty much ALL my etsy doll clothing lol)