Sunday, August 14, 2016

Acutally using Amanda!1!1

Hey guys its Megan. These are some photos I took of Amanda. They came out really bad becuase the lense gets so foggy from the hot weather and I can't do indoor photography(I'm so bad at it xD) Latley i've been working on (poorly) sewing American Girl doll beds and making rooms and I was wondering if you guys would want to see the rooms once I finish them :) so let me know and I hope you like the photos.

(i know its the same ulgy photo over and over but thats all i had time to take)


  1. these pics are so cute! my photos always look very similar, thats something i'm working on!! i would love to see your sewing creations! And as always practice makes perfect when it comes to indoor photography. lol i should take my own advice! I'm so bad and always avoid taking indoors but I need to practice!! Good luck to us! :D
    - Lydia
    Lydia's Dolls

  2. She's so pretty! I would love to see a tour of your doll rooms when they are done!

  3. Thanks! I'll be sure to upload them soon