Sunday, September 11, 2016

When Will Fall Come!!??

Hello, it's Megan and I'm so mad at the weather right now. It's September and it has been like 80-90 degrees! Like excuse me mother nature I don't know what you think your doing but I think of September as fall and not 90 degrees : (. Today though was perfect. It was sunny and not cold but not so hot that every time I go outside I get so drenched I need to shower 80 times a day xD. Anyway, I hope you like the photos I took of Melody and Autumn. I really use these dolls so much its bad but they are so cute. I think I might take photos of Charlie or Liberty next : )


  1. Agh that sucks! That same thing is for us! It's meant to be spring but it's been colder than its has been in mid winter for us at the moment! What are you doing Mother Nature, sort yourself out hon! Any who, I love your fashion sense! Their outfits are so cute and I love how sharp these photos are Megan! Great job!! :D
    Lydia's Dolls

  2. Ah, the photos are lovely!
    I love the heat. I'm from a very warm place... So I suppose it's my nature! The temperature around here has been 'bout 95-98 everyday... And I'm happy with that! Under 80 is cold to me. xD

    1. Lol xD and thanks for the nice comments :)