maddie's dolls

juliet elizabeth albright

adopted: december 25, 2008
birthday: february 18
nationality: american
nickname(s): julie, jules
favorite color: yellow
favorite season: summer
favorite band: echosmith
likes: meeting new people, sunny days, bright colors, and fun patterns
dislikes: pessimists, dark colors, and hair curlers (for whatever reason)
hobbies: writing, reading

juliet is responsible and down-to-earth, always making sure others feel welcome. she's loosely referred to as the 'hippie' of the crew, and loves spending time with the newbies. she hopes to someday become a published author or journalist.

fun fact: jules was my first doll and is what sparked my interest in ag dolls. i had no idea what they were prior to receiving her, unlike most doll collectors, who had wanted an ag doll before actually getting one.

chrissa adaline maxwell

adopted: december 25, 2009
birthday: april 4
nationality: kiwi
nickname(s): chris
favorite color: purple
favorite season: winter
favorite band: the summer set
likes: shopping, acting, trying new things
dislikes: loose fitting jeans, beanies, and room temperature hot chocolate
hobbies: singing, acting

chrissa dreams of becoming a famous actress, however she battles major stage fright and has problems performing in front of large crowds. she can sometimes come across as rude, and tends to pick on others, but always means well in the end.

fun fact: chrissa was middle named after adaline of silhouette.

lanie willow holland

adopted: august 22, 2010
birthday: august 22
nationality: welsh
nickname(s): none
favorite color: green
favorite season: loves them all
favorite band: paramore
likes: the outdoors, sports, and making new friends
dislikes: being indoors for long periods of time
hobbies: softball, exploring new places, blogging

lanie is adventurous and outdoorsy, and rarely spends time inside for more than a few hours at most. she's an avid blogger, though does not currently have a blog of her own. lanie adores exploring new places, and enjoys taking ali, her best friend, along with her on outdoor excursions.

fun fact: lanie was purchased on my first trip to the agpny, and was a surprise. i never expected to be told to go pick out a lanie.

felicity sophia merriman

adopted: december 25, 2010
birthday: march 31
nationality: irish/german
nickname(s): fel, lissie
favorite color: maroon
favorite season: fall
favorite band: doesn't have one
likes: books, vintage clothes, and glasses
dislikes: snow days, procrastinators, and loud music
hobbies: reading, studying

felicity is the most studious of the crew, and devotes most, if not all, of her time to studying. she is fascinated with the 1770's, and is very shy.

fun fact: lissie has an eye defect (left eye), but i'm too nervous to send her to the doll hospital, though i did email ag about whether she'd need a new eye or a new head, and they were very kind and easy to talk to.

kanani nivea akina

adopted: may 18, 2011
birthday: may 18
nationality: hawaiian
nickname(s): ana
favorite color: sky blue
favorite season: spring
favorite band: gabrielle aplin
likes: crafting, thrifting, and swimming
dislikes: big cities and strict rules (as she's a strong believer in allowing at least some creativity/freedom)
hobbies: crafting, swimming

kanani is a quiet rule follower with an eye for the unusual. she loves up-cycling old items into something new, and dreams of opening a small crafting store someday.

fun fact: the only reason kanani's hair is manageable today is because when i first got her as a ten year old, i was terrified of ruining her and decided to just leave her hair as it is and never take a brush to it. older maddie is very thankful that younger maddie decided to do that. ;)

alison desarae williams
{myag #39}

adopted: december 25, 2011
birthday: june 20
nationality: australian
nickname(s): ali
favorite color: mint green
favorite season: spring
favorite band: paramore (like lanie)
likes: trying new things, oversized shirts, and pinterest
dislikes: close-minded people
hobbies: blogging, "just being awesome"

ali is spunky, bright, and sure to put a smile on anyone's face. she, like lanie, enjoys blogging, and would love to co-own a blog with her someday. as well as blogging, ali likes to sing and hang out with friends.

fun fact: ali is my look alike doll, and her personality reflects that of mine as a fifth grader, which is the age i was when i received her.

scarlette amelia copeland

adopted: december 25, 2013
birthday: december 29
nationality: english
nickname(s): none
favorite color: teal
favorite season: summer
favorite band: all time low
likes: netflix, pretzels, and felt tip pens
dislikes: saying goodbye
hobbies: drawing, painting, watching netflix

scarlette is not only the artist of the crew, but also the resident geek. she loves british tv shows such as doctor who and sherlock, and is an avid reader. her artwork is often inspired by the fictional worlds she reads about.

fun fact: scarlette is the first doll i got after my love for dolls reignited. i drooled over her secretly for at least six months before scraping up the courage to ask for her for christmas 2013, two years after i had last gotten a doll.

jade noelle evans
{myag #47}

adopted: june 1, 2014
birthday: june 1
nationality: french
nickname(s): none
favorite color: lavendar
favorite season: winter
favorite band: pvris
likes: dancing, learning about other cultures, and watching hard work pay off
dislikes: those who give up without really trying
hobbies: dancing

jade is a sweet dancer with a big heart. she's a bit on the quiet side of things, but makes a wonderful friend and isn't afraid to be the first to approach a newbie with a smile. she's currently studying the french culture, and speaks fluent french along with english.

fun fact: jade was the first doll i purchased myself, and i bought her at the agpny when i went with my younger cousin. i entered the store planning on buying ruthie before she sold out, but this sweet girl stole my heart and came home instead.

emerson briar mcgovern
{myag #55}

adopted: december 25, 2014
birthday: october 8
nationality: irish
nickname(s): emery, em
favorite color: black
favorite season: fall
favorite band: "you're making me choose? go step on a lego, mate, i can't answer that!"
likes: hot topic, tumblr, beanies, and chokers
dislikes: bright colors, dresses, sandals, and change
hobbies: listening to music, website designing

emerson is band obsessed, witty, lazy ("and proud, mind you"), and (not so secretly) the favorite. she's constantly listening to music, and loves too many bands to count. emery is openly bisexual, and you can always count on her to make the best of any situation. she's also archer's cousin.

fun fact: emerson is my absolute favorite doll of all time—both in my collection, and my favorite doll that ag has ever created. her personality is based off of mine today, as opposed to ali, who was based off my personality at the time i got her.

indigo leah sulek-carson
{myag #27}

adopted: june 4, 2015
birthday: june 4
nationality: polish
nickname(s): indie
favorite color: anything pastel
favorite season: spring
favorite band: halsey or twenty one pilots
likes: writing, sweaters, pastels, and vinyls
dislikes: the unknown
hobbies: playing guitar, writing

indie is currently in the process of self discovery—more to come when she finds her happy place. what i can say is that she's generally a very happy girl that likes vintage things and pastels.

fun fact: indie was middle named after leah of mint green and messy buns.

archer saoirse-rowan connoly
{myag #61}

adopted: june 16, 2015
birthday: september 5
nationality: irish
nickname(s): none
favorite color: forest green
favorite season: fall
favorite band: we are the in crowd
likes: sewing, sketching, photography, and modeling
dislikes: when someone thinks they can't achieve their goal
hobbies: sewing and designing clothes, photography, modeling

archer is free spirited, optimistic, and very into fashion. she designs and sews the majority of her clothes, and loves helping the others with outfits and finding their own personal sense of style. archer and emerson are cousins, and tend to hang around each other a lot. in addition to sewing, archer likes to model, but enjoys being behind the camera just as much as being in front of it.

fun fact: archer was an impulse buy rom jill's steals and deals, and she arrived a week after indie.


  1. Once again, their all beautiful! I love the two pictures at the very top of the page where their all lined up. I'm gonna venture out here and ask Maddie if that is the leading lines technique we learned in tech ed?

    -Cassie ^.^

    1. (Sorry for replying as just Maddie, again I say I'm too lazy to sign in with our email XD) Thanks, Cassie! Haha, me too ;) umm...I guess? I wasn't using any techniques besides my own personal ones but I think it would fall into that category =)


  2. I love the first two pictures at the top Maddie; they're so cool!!
    I think my favorite doll of your's is Lanie. (Mainly because I love how she's wearing the hat backwards in the pic xD)