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Meet My American Girl Dolls

Hi people! Im Megan and these are my American Girl Dolls. I hope you like them and their fun personalities as much as I do!<3


Doll: #16
Purchased: December 2007
Personality: You could say she is like the "mom" of the girls. She loves to be involoved in things and never quits.
Hobbies: Crafts and sports
Nickname: Manda (when I'm to lazy to say the a)
"Fun fact": I'm not really into her name anymore at least for her but I don't want to change it because she was my first doll and I've always known her as Amanda from like the age of 7 lol so idk..... just thought I'd share :/ 


Doll: #22
Purchased: April 2014
Personality: Full out girly girl lol xD
Hobbies: Dance and Cheerleading
Nickname: None really she was originnally named Mackenzie though lol and now I kinda like Charlotte but havne't decided(is that bad)
"Fun fact": She has a defective wig with a big bald spot (she came like that but 2014 Megan never really minded it, but 2016 Megan does! lol) I went to the ag store in New York to have them look at it and they said "its fine its just a bald spot" I was very mad because its a 100 something doll I want her to be perfect for that amount of money ugh! (sorry for the little rant)


Doll: #61
Purchased:December 25, 2014 (exact date..go Megan!xD)
Personality:Shy but is a great friend. She has a cool sense of style: )
Hobbies: Writing
Nickname: None :/
"Fun" fact:Throughout my life I always though Autumn was a perfect name for a red head...idk why xD


Doll: #41
Purchased: Uh recently. I'm not sure I know I made an upload about when I got her
Personality: Cares about her education and loves learning new things
Hobbies: Reading and listening to music
Nickname: Libby
"Fun" fact: She has my favorite name out of all my doll<3

*sorry for any typos or grammar and spelling errors I'm to lazy to read it over lol xD


  1. Both dolls are beautiful! I love the names Amanda and Mackenzie. :)

    -Cassie ^.^

  2. Aww, thank you so much.It means a lot to me!!!


    1. No problem! :)

      -Cassie ^.^

  3. Your dolls are so beautiful :)

  4. Thank you!It's really awesome to see that you guys like them! : D


  5. Your dolls are gorgeous. And I just adore the name Mackenzie! :-)

  6. Hi!! I'm Josephine, and I really like your blog...Do you mind if I follow it?
    You know what, I have exactly the same doll as you!!! (Autumn) Except, mine is named Amber. :) Your dolls are very pretty besides. :D

  7. I am looking at MAG #22. What do you think about her. By the way, your dolls are very pretty!

  8. Hi Megan! I am making a gallery of some of the Truly Me dolls and one of them is doll #16 and I don't have her so I need some photos of her so I was wondering if I could use one of yours. I would not use it without putting your name and link underneath it...What do you think? Thank you very much!

    Allie D.

    1. Also I was wondering if I could use one of the photos of Peyton.